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Welcome to hashPeak!

hashPeak. is a company innovating the mountain ranges of Blockchain, Healthcare, and Consulting.

hashPeak was founded in January 2019.  Recent activities include the business development of medical blockchain platform, management consulting for private companies and Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, and promotion of healthcare blockchain by speaking at a number of conferences, and publishing a Japanese edition of “Blockchain in Healthcare” by HIMSS.

Takuma Maeda, the founder, has:

  • over 20 years of top management consulting experience with roughly 90 projects for about 60 companies, including those at Arthur D. Little, and IMS Consulting Group.
  • 8 years of healthcare industry experience at IQVIA Solutions Japan K.K. and IMS Technology Solutions Inc.
  • 6 years of technology experience as an engineer at Yokogawa Electric Co. and as an executive at IQVIA Solutions Japan K.K.
  • over 15 years of teaching experience at Graduate School of Management, Globis University in Tokyo since 2003.

He was awarded an MBA from Tepper School of Management (ex-GSIA), Carnegie Mellon University in the US and BS in Physics from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.

Further details of his experience are shown below:

  • Publications 
    • Translated “Blockchain in Healthcare” by Metcalf et al, Nikkei BP Nov 2019
    • Japan Association for Medical Informatics, “Evaluation of automatic vigilance system (AVS) for detecting adverse drug reactions from electronic medical records.” Nov 22, 2017
    • TechTarget Japan “Four things that next generation CIO should do ~ Breathe new life in pharma IT” Apr 25, 2017
    • Kokusai Iyakuhin Joho “Pharma and Big Data” Apr 11, 25, May 9, 2016
    • Co-authored “Globis MBA Management Book II”, Diamond 2015
    • Authored “Strategic Implication of Wine”, Toyokeizai 2010
    • Translated “Managing Technology for Corporate Success” by Chris Floyd, Eiji 2008
  • Conferences
    • Globis IP Society, “R&D and IP Trend of Pharmaceutical Industry”, Dec 2020
    • Asatte Conference, Globis Management School, “How blockchain would change the world with Covid-19”, July 2020
    • Globis Pharmaceutical Business Society, “Medical Blockchain”, Jun 2020
    • Seed Planning, “HEOR and Blockchain”, Oct 2019
    • Nikkei xTech, “Blockchain in Healthcare”, Oct 2019
    • IQVIA Client Conference, “New trend of digital health app and its health economics”, Jul 2018
    • Pricing and Market Access Conference in London, “Update on PMA Trends in Japan”, Jun 2016
    • Healthcare IT Conference 2016 Speaker “Medical Big Data Strategy of Pharma Companies” Apr 2016
    • IMS Client Conference, “New business model that connects healthcare and patients through IT”, Jul 2014
  • Articles
    • JB Press, “Impact of Blockchain disrupting the common sense of the healthcare industry”, Jan 2021
    • Monthly Mix, “Future Healthcare brought by Blockchain”, Nov, Dec 2019, Jan, Feb, Mar 2020
    • JB Press Special Talk “Real World Data Application Frontline: Medical Transformation in the era of Big Data” Nov 2017
    • JB Press Special Talk “Real World Data Application Frontline: RWD advancing Next Generation Medical ICT” Aug 2016
    • JB Press Interview “Dawn of Patient Centric Healthcare Business Model” Mar 2014
  • Consulting experience by industry
    • Pharmaceutical/Life Science
    • Engineering
    • Electronics/Electric
    • Chemical
    • Machinery
    • Food & Beverage
    • Office Equipment

Please feel free to contact: info@hashpeak.com for further information.